The starting brief from the owners of this 1920’s home was to keep it interesting and fun. With the wife preferring bold patterns, stripes and preppy influences and the husband gravitating towards a more masculine mid-century style, our work focused on incorporating elements of both. Stripping back layers of 1990’s renovations, the Two Hands team updated the home’s lighting, created a custom fireplace surround and mantle, refreshed the paint palette, and developed and executed a cohesive vision for furniture and fixtures on the main floor. The end result is a colorful, sophisticated home—peppered with antiques, fine art and moments of whimsy.


Working with our clients to select fine art was the jumping off point of the creative process. When they fell in love with a hyper-realistic painting of oranges by Peruvian artist Francisco Cienfuegos it pushed the direction toward a vivid palette of primary colors, tempered by quiet walls for a gallery feel. Referencing period lighting and incorporating traditional millwork balanced the energy of the contemporary art.


Two busy professionals with two busy teenagers and one exuberant puppy, our clients desired a home that was inspiring and joyful, yet ultimately comfortable and hard working.